The Times Democrat (Lima, Ohio), June 7, 1900 – Page 1

Well Known by Local Fans Make a “Hit” in Chicago

The local base ball fans will remember “Dummy” Hoy, who played on Kenton’s old ball team. The Chicago Times Herald of Saturday says: – “To ‘Dummy’ Hoy belongs credit for the star play in a game full of efforts calculated to keep spectators on the qui vive. A long fly to left center came from Shearon’s bat in the eighth. To close the gap Hoy sprinted fast sideways and back, and just when the swiftly descending ball seemed out of his reach, sprung into the air, shot out his long right arm and his fingers, like an octopus’ tentacles held the ball. When the side came in the crowd gave Hoy applause and McFarland gave him a tip to doff his cap.”

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