Base Ball Notes.

Brooklyn Eagle, August 28, 1892 – Page 8



A Washington correspondent tells the following interesting story: “One of the greatest base ball cranks in Washington is the secretary of the treasury. He attends every game, and roots for the home team except when Cleveland or Cincinnati is the opposing club. He is very fond of base ball and is well up in the technique of the game. Occasionally he takes President Harrison along, and then the two have a royal good time. The secretary is a great friend of ball players, and is often appealed to for advice as to how to invest money. The other day Hoy made a call upon the secretary, and, after a few moments delay, the doughty little fielder was ushered into the room of the head of the country’s finances. The secretary recognized him at once and motioned him to be seated.

“The dummy drew his chair closer to the high official and told him after vigorously scratching on a tablet in chirography that was not the best, he had some money he wanted to invest. He thought United States bonds about the safest investment he knew of, and wanted some information as to how to get them. The secretary, supposing he had about $2,000, informed him that he could probably put him on the right track. This delighted the dummy, and he dived down in his pocket and pulled out an immense wad of greenbacks with $500 bill coverings. He slipped the first one back and there was a $1,000 Johnny. The secretary amazed at the pile, stopped him and asked him in writing how much he had. The dummy threw up both hands twice and then lifted two fingers, ending with three geometrical figures that are common in base ball goose eggs. “You don’t mean to say you have $22,000 to invest!” wrote the secretary in amazement.

“Yes, and $500 more,’ Hoy quickly wrote.

“The secretary, to use his own expression, was knocked off his pins and dismissed the great center fielder with the information that he would keep his eye open for a chance and would let him know.

“The next day the secretary told the story to the reporters and wound up by requesting President Young to put him in the pool and assign him to some good club.”

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