The Experience of Two Girls with a Ball Player.

Oshkosh Daily Northwestern – May 7, 1886


An amusing incident of Friday’s ball game was notice by an observer who stood on the outskirts of the outfield near where the carriages were located. Two handsomely dressed young ladies were sitting in a buggy watching Hoy, the deaf mute, as he caught flys batted to him by one of the men standing near the home plate. After eying him closely for some time the girls apparently became more and more interested. Finally Hoy ran near the carriage and caught a fly in a very graceful manner and threw the ball back. “Say,” said one of the girls in soft accents. “Don’t the ball hurt your hands sometimes?” Hoy not being able to hear and not observing the motions of the girls nor the eyes they were making at him, paid no attention and trotted deliberately away. Wherewith the fair questioner turned to her companion and remarked. “He is very saucy and awfully independent, but then he is a good ball player.” If the girls have not learned since then that Hoy can neither speak nor hear they should be introduced to him.

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